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Testing: Welcome

Virtual Test Sessions

March/April Virtual Test Session

*Signup deadline, Friday March 24, 2023.

*Submission deadline for VIDEOS + PAPERWORK, Friday, March 24, 2023.

*Club submits to judges by April 1, 2023. (There is a lot of work behind the scenes to get virtual tests submitted once you submit to the club.)

*Results in about a week from 4/1. Sometimes sooner, sometimes longer.

*All videos and affidavits MUST be uploaded to EntryEeze by 3/24/23. If your video AND paperwork is not uploaded by this date, your test will NOT be submitted and all monies will be forfeited. We will NO longer be accepting emailed videos or affidavits as it is an extremely daunting process for our volunteers when EntryEeze has the ability to accept both.

*Your videos MUST include a date and time stamp at the beginning and end of your video. Do not zoom in and out during the video.

*Do not forget to announce the skater at the beginning of the video! It can be verbally announced or by holding up a piece of paper with all information on it. Or better yet - both!

*Videos MUST be filmed within 30 days of the ‘test date.’ (No more than 30 days prior to April 1.)

*Make sure to submit the Performance Affidavit for Virtual Test Submission found on US Figure Skating.

*Remember, this is an actual test session! Make sure to dress the part as you would for a normal, in person test session!

*Register through your Entry Eeze account!

*The club and it’s coaches and/or skaters are not responsible for filming your tests.

Any questions? Email our test chair Donna, at and/or

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